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Last Updated: Thursday, April 6, 2006

Touch Servers/Systems, Touch Media Center PCs Standard Warranties

Touch iForceฎ Servers and Touch Systems are covered by a Touch Standard 3-Year Limited Warranty.

Touch Select (formerly known as 'A Series') Systems are covered by a Touch Standard 1-Year Limited Warranty.

Touch Hi-Fi PCs and Media Center PCs built using small form factor (SFF) cases are covered by a Touch Standard 1-Year Limited Warranty; Touch Media Center PCs built using non-SFF cases are covered by a Touch Standard 3-Year Limited Warranty.

The system warranty covers the system unit with standard components such as power supply, CPU, RAM, optical drive(s), hard drive(s), network card, modem, sound card and video card. Special-ordered internal components such as SCSI or RAID controllers, tape drives, special SCSI hard drives DVD-RAM drives and ALL external components including keyboard, mouse and speakers are covered under the original manufacturer's warranty, which may be longer or shorter in duration than the system warranty.

All these items must be included on the same invoice as your Touch Hi-Fi PC/Media Center PC/Server/System to qualify for the appropriate terms of warranty coverage.

Touch Systems With
Optional Onsite Warranties

Effective April 7, 2006, the Touch Systems Optional Onsite Warranty Program will be available for Touch Select Systems only.

Please consult a participating Touch Reseller for complete details and availability of warranty packages.


Touch Notebooks Standard Warranty

Touch Notebooks are covered by a Touch Standard 1-Year Limited Warranty.

Touch Notebooks With Express Warranty & End-User Support

Owners of new Touch Notebooks (i.e. bought on or after March 08, 2004), may call CSL at 1-866-888-3656 for toll-free support (in English and French) or service issues. 

Technical Support HelpDesk
Hours of Operation are:

: 9:00am - 9:00pm EST
Sat: 10:00am - 6:00pm EST

Closed Sundays and Statutory Holidays.

To verify the appropriate warranty terms and coverage, end-users must provide technical support staff with their notebook's serial numbers.

Technical support staff will first assess the notebook problem over the phone with the end-user to determine whether it is hardware- or software- related.

All support calls will be logged into the database for recording purposes and future followup.

End-users may be required to reload or restore their notebook's operating software to manufacturers' factory settings to eliminate any possibility of virus infections, incorrectly installed drivers or operating software-corrupted scenarios before any RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) Number can be issued. It is the responsibility of the end-user to backup data prior to asking for any support or shipping the notebook for warranty repair(s)/servicing.

Please consult a participating Touch Notebook Reseller for complete details on the Touch Notebook Express Warranty Program.


If, upon receiving your Touch System, Media Center PC, iForce Server or Notebook you find that it does not work or is missing parts, please contact your dealer at once. ALWAYS keep all the original packing materials and invoices.

See your Touch Reseller for more details.

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